Fiona has lived in Barmston, Washington for 26 years, bringing up her family. Within the community, she has been active as a volunteer for over 24 years, acting as a school governor for seven years.

She has been honoured to represent Washington East since 2011, and has worked hard to support all her residents. Her priority is fighting the Gasification plant planning application, which impacts on all of Washington and cuts to the area’s fire services.

We have some amazing volunteers who work tirelessly to take care of the Washington area. Fiona’s priority is to continue to support ‘Clean and Green’ one of Washington Area Committee’s success stories.

She is Vice Chair of Washington Area Committee, and Chair of Place board, roles she enjoys immensely, working with the Voluntary and Community Sector delivering valued services to our residents.

Please give Fiona your support on the May 2 and vote Labour.