Hetton Ward

I am proud to be your Labour and Co-operative councillor for Hetton, and more so as we celebrate the 100-year anniversary since women won the right to vote. I have lived in the Coalfields area for the most part of my life and my family have lived here for over 60 years. I have spent […]

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Hendon Ward

0191 534 6779

07917 554 185

I am truly honoured to have again been selected to as councillor in Hendon Ward.  It has been a privilege to represent the communities of Hendon, Grangetown and the East End for the last 8 years. The coming years are going to be a very difficult time for us, as the Tory Government cuts continue […]

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Doxford Ward

0191 521 0086

I’ve always been an active community member and have worked with voluntary groups in the ward to improve the area. I worked with a team of volunteers to ensure the local nursery, Mill Hill, was saved from closure, a real feat for the scores of parents who send their little ones there. I have always […]

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Washington North Ward

07717 348 206

I have lived in Washington North for over 26 years and I’m well aware of the issues we face in the area. Government cuts to Local Authority funding have had a devastating impact on council services and people, and I want to work to improve the area for its residents. Supporting elderly residents in both […]

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Washington East Ward

0191 415 1518

07786 732 748

As a dedicated and effective local councillor, I have represented Washington East since 2014 and I pride myself on responding promptly to residents’ issues and concerns. I actively promote and support our residents’ associations in Harraton, Teal Farm, Fatfield, Mount Pleasant and Barmston, and I act as Chair at the Barmston Community Forum. I live in the […]

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Washington Central Ward

07774 416 778

I have lived in Washington all my life, raising my three children and now have three grandchildren.  Within the community, I have been an active school governor for 25 years.  I have represented Washington Central since 2010. As a council, we have had to look for a wider range of solutions due of huge cuts […]

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Castle Ward

0191 537 2529

07917 554 220

I am very proud to represent the Castle Ward. I was first elected as Labour councillor in 2010 and I’ve worked alongside Councillor Wilson and Councillor Foster tirelessly since 1993 to bring Hylton Castle back to its former glory. Now, with the help of Sunderland City Council and the Heritage Lottery Fund, we have secured over […]

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Washington West Ward

07917 554 259

Labour will be our community’s first line of defence against the Government’s savage cuts to local authority budgets, that in turn are now threatening front-line services and the most vulnerable people in our ward. This Conservative Government has broken its promises to sort out the banks, tuition fees, employment and assist those that need help. […]

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Washington South Ward

0191 416 6839

07769 886 932

Having worked for the residents of Washington South for the last twelve years, I would like to be given the opportunity by the residents of Ayton, Lambton, Oxclose and Rickleton to continue to do so. I will ensure that the people of Washington South continue to have a strong voice within the council to promote […]

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Redhill Ward

0191 549 5450

07901 009 193

I am 52 years old, married with two children and living within the community I have had the privilege to represent since 1990.  I have worked tirelessly to deliver on the request of the residents of Redhill, responding to the needs of the community. Through working in education and being a Chair of Governors at […]

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