#LabourWorks for Sunderland despite relentless Government cuts and unfulfilled promises of support during the Covid crisis

#LabourWorks to transform Sunderland with hundreds of millions of pounds changing the cityscape

#LabourWorks for communities, transforming problematic empty homes and delivering cleaner, greener spaces

Sunderland is a city transforming under a Labour led council. Ambitious and progressive, led by people who are determined to see our proud city once again realise its potential, we are forcing positive change, in spite of crippling Government cuts that have many local authorities – and their hardworking teams – on their knees. 

Image Credit – Sunderland City Council

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Security, Prosperity, Respect
Download the People's Manifesto
Download the People's Manifesto

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From policies and pledges to community news, find out how #LabourWorks for Sunderland

Labour Councillors

Your Labour Councillors in Sunderland.


Only Labour can ensure the city continues to thrive despite the decline in Government funding.

Only Labour can deliver job security for hard-working people.

Only Labour can protect the public services, under threat from the Government’s relentless cuts.

Only Labour can deliver the safe, clean and green city we all want to be part of.