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#LabourWorks for Sunderland

In the face of ruthless Government cuts, Labour is a party that is driving positive change for Sunderland.

In the context of budget cuts amounting to more than £290 million, a Labour-led council has delivered:

  • A city and economy that is being bolstered by more than £1.5billion in public-private sector investment
  • One of the single biggest infrastructure projects in generations, in the shape of the Northern Spire bridge, which is transforming traffic flow through the city and better connecting our resurgent port to major trunk roads
  • A City Deal that secured Sunderland an International Advanced Manufacturing Park, that in turn is already beginning to create many thousands of jobs for local people
  • A growing reputation as a cultural hub, with partnerships like Sunderland Culture – of which the council is a key driver –  helping the city to attract tens of millions of pounds of new investment
  • A packed events programme that is the envy of towns and cities across the country.

The cruel and calculated cuts we have seen from Theresa May’s Government have forced us to make difficult decisions. But, we have knuckled down and ensured that Sunderland is investing in its future – investment that will bring about the economic growth we need and deserve.

Much of what we have fought for over the last few years is underway – from VAUX, to The Northern Spire bridge, to the International Advanced Manufacturing Park, which will give this city the infrastructure needed to create thousands of jobs. We’re witnessing Sunderland change at a rate not seen since the eighties, but this time – despite the Conservative’s cynical attempt to starve the city of cash and keep us down – this is an upward march.

We want to see the positive momentum of the vast programme of redevelopment that is underway in Sunderland fuel pride and passion for the people of this city. Now, we are focused on delivering a healthy, clean and safe city that people can enjoy. You can find out more about the key policies we are hoping to drive through across the city, and find out about the ward councillor in your area, who will be fighting – as only Labour does – to deliver for your community.

Nationally, the Labour Party is leading a positive and progressive campaign, with politics that will work for the many, and not the few.

The party is edging closer to Number 10, and in readiness for a new Labour Government, the Local Government Association Labour Group has issued a publication on what they would expect a Jeremy Corbyn-led Labour Government to do on day one in power.

The booklet is broken down into six sections:

  • Reversing the damage of austerity
  • Fair funding and financial freedoms
  • Trusting in localism
  • Building local identity
  • Harnessing the experience of local leadership
  • Delivering for the many not the few.

You can read the report by clicking the following link – On Day One

#LabourWorks for Sunderland