I have lived in Washington North for over 26 years and I’m well aware of the issues we face in the area. Government cuts to Local Authority funding have had a devastating impact on council services and people, and I want to work to improve the area for its residents.

Supporting elderly residents in both sheltered accommodation and at home is important to me and I actively help local elderly people.  I have worked with dementia sufferers and have underwent training to understand the needs of sufferers and how to best support them.  I am a trustee of the Washington Millennium Centre.

I am passionate about supporting projects for children who attend the schools within the area and will continue to work with schools in the area to ensure our children receive the best education and support as possible.

I have worked tirelessly to raise money for local charities, even completing a sky dive and I’ve supported the city’s mayors over the past six years.

I intend to continue to fight for the everyone living in Washington North.  As your Labour councillor, I will ensure our ward has a strong voice. I will strive to deliver the best possible outcome for our community.