Iain is proud to be representing both the Labour Party and Co-operative Party at this election as part of a great team of community focused councillors that have helped secure:
– The Park Life football project at Downhill that is part of an £18m investment in the city by the Premier League, Sport England and the Football Association
– Paying for more council ‘boots on the ground’ to keep the area clean and tidy
– Supporting plans for a new building for Willowfields school at Witherwack to be ready for 2021
– Establishing 20mph zones near all the schools in the area and we want to expand them
– Identifying the old Bishop Harland site in Red House as a location for a new school that will specialise in children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder that will open in 2021.

Iain respectfully asks for your support to represent you as a councillor in the Redhill ward