Labour will be our community’s first line of defence against the Government’s savage cuts to local authority budgets, that in turn are now threatening front-line services and the most vulnerable people in our ward.

This Conservative Government has broken its promises to sort out the banks, tuition fees, employment and assist those that need help. But, importantly our National Health Service has been impacted hugely.

We should not forget that this Government were assisted by the Liberal Democrat Party, who wanted power at any price, and joined them to form a Coalition Government.

We all continue to suffer under a Tory Government, with cuts to police and fire services. Massive cuts to our local council budgets have forced local councils to rethink how they provide much-needed services including adult care and children’s care, while still trying to provide ground maintenance and cleansing. In these tough times, we need Labour councillors who will stand up for vital local services and help all our residents, particularly the youth, to get a fair chance in life.