Ourr communities are facing many challenges as the Tory inflicted Local Government funding cuts continue apace. The full impact of these swingeing cuts, instigated by the Tory/LibDem Coalition way back in 2010 and now in the 8th year, are being felt by our communities and residents as essential frontline services suffer and deteriorate.

We are witnessing many Local Authorities up and down the Country teetering on the brink of collapse.

In addition The Welfare Reform Bill/Universal Credit is causing major concerns for many in this Ward, as those in need turn to food banks and handouts.

It is an especially worrying time for those who are at risk of losing their job, losing benefits or feeling forced to move when housing benefit has been reduced.

My priorities are:

  • Work with my ward colleagues to ensure Shiney Row ward gets a fair share of the ever reducing resources available.
  • Continue to work with council officers to prevent empty and run down properties blighting our community.
  • Work to reduce the heavy traffic flow through The Herrington’s, Shiney Row and Penshaw area by promoting the need for the Central Route despite the loss of government funding.
  • Work with colleagues to persuade bus companies to provide routes that go where people want to go and at times they want to travel.
  • Continue to hold regular ward surgeries