I’ve always been an active community member and have worked with voluntary groups in the ward to improve the area.

I worked with a team of volunteers to ensure the local nursery, Mill Hill, was saved from closure, a real feat for the scores of parents who send their little ones there.

I have always and will continue to support the sterling work of the team at Box Project to enable our young people to achieve educational success, gain confidence and work in our community.

Our local community centre holds a weekly coffee morning which is organised entirely by volunteers to improve quality of life for anyone suffering from social isolation in our community. I attend and support this group too.

Our local Friends Group, a group I volunteer with, works to improve our Historical Doxford Park and local areas. It is important to me and I join them to keep the areas clean and litter free.

Part of the work I am involved in includes improving discriminating car parking at Moorside to ensure access to local properties is safe for residents.

I have been working with groups in the area to help develop a community garden at Tunstall allotments, the project aim is to give a gardening space to disabled residents or anyone suffering from social isolation.

I will represent all residents on the many committees I attend and will do so without claiming travel or subsistence allowances.