Sunderland’s mayoress is joining the fight to beat Covid 19, helping administer vaccines that are keeping the city’s residents safe.

Councillor Dianne Snowden, who – as well as being Mayor of Sunderland is also a ward councillor standing for re-election in Washington Central – has joined the army of nurses and medical professionals delivering Covid vaccines from the Nightingale Centre in Washington.

The Labour councillor, who was a nurse before moving into politics, is working alongside doctors, ambulance and fire brigade staff, military workers and volunteers to deliver the life-saving vaccine which is being rolled out to residents across the city.

Dianne is working two 12 hour shifts a week at the Nightingale Centre, using her skills to administer the jab which will protect residents both in her ward and from further afield.

Dianne said: “As a former nurse, I have been absolutely blown away after witnessing the unbelievable efforts of NHS workers rolling out this life-saving vaccine.

“As someone with the skill to support this vital roll-out, I am so proud to be able to play a part in protecting residents from Sunderland and beyond against this terrible disease.

“I’ve seen first-hand just how devastating coronavirus can be, not only through the experiences of my own family, but having lost members of my Labour Party family, as well as seeing my community and a great many friends here suffer the loss of loved ones at the hands of COVID-19. We all need to do our bit in the fight to beat this virus, and with my skills, from my nursing background, it’s only right that I do my bit to help.”

Dianne continues to serve her community as active councillor, and – despite working long shifts – is contactable to support with resident issues by email.

Leader of Sunderland Labour Group, Councillor Graeme Miller, said: “it does not surprise me to see Dianne stepping up and playing such an active role in the fight against coronavirus.

“The Labour family, and a great many of our councillors have been extremely proactive during this pandemic, donating time to food banks and other organisations that have come to the fore during this crisis to support our vulnerable residents.

“Core Labour values of community have never been more important and I am so incredibly proud to lead a party of people who give so much back to the Sunderland community.”