A SUNDERLAND councillor who has spent yearsfighting to improve one of her ward’s most dangerous roads is celebrating after securing safety measures to eradicate the accident blackspot.

Councillor Debra Waller, Sunderland City Council Deputy Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport, has been petitioning council officers to make improvements to Tay Road, connecting Grindon and Thorney Close, for the past six years.

The Labour Councillor for Sandhill collected more than 700 signatures since she started campaigning for improvements and following the upholding of her latest complaint last month, action is finally being taken to improve the road.

Speaking about the news, Cllr Waller said: “This is a huge step in the right direction for Sandhill and I’m absolutely over the moon that action has finally been taken to make Tay Road safer for our residents.

“It’s a very busy road and has been the site of so many accidents over the years with cars crashing into fences, into one another and even into residents’ houses. It’s amazing that it has taken so long for action to be taken.”

Debra added: “As a councillor, I have a duty to speak up for the people of Sandhill and I’m delighted that, by working together as a community, we have been able to fight for these changes to be made.

“Tay Road is just a stone throw from Sandhill View school and is often used as a shortcut for local children going to and from school and this news will provide parents with peace of mind that their kids can walk the streets in a much safer environment.”

Though Sunderland City Council cannot take immediate action due to the need for careful consultation, the head of infrastructure and transportation at the council will start the process of getting feedback into the range of measures they have available and further updates on the improvements will be made in due course.

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